Compact timeline of book parts in Count to the Eschaton Sequence.

(Complete timeline is here (spoilers!).)

Book Part Years
Count to a Trillion Part One: The Swan Princess A.D. 2221 - A.D. 2401
The Hermetic Millennia Part Two: A World of Fire A.D. 2535 - A.D. 2540
Part Three: A World of Ice A.D. 9999
Part Four: The Long Wait A.D. 10515
The Judge of Ages Part Five: The World Beneath the World A.D. 10515
The Architect of Aeons Part Five: The Armadas of the Hyades A.D. 11049
Part Six: Time of the Third Humans A.D. 22196
Part Seven: The Long Golden Afternoon of Man A.D. 51554
The Vindication of Man Part Eight: The Vast Desolations of Heaven A.D. 68010
Part Nine: Ancient Starships Shall Return A.D. 71200
Part Ten: The Seven Daughters of Atlas A.D. 72260
Count to Infinity Part Eleven: The Edge of Orion A.D. 92000 - A.D. 163,000
Part Twelve: Absolute Authority A.D. 163,000
Part Thirteen: The Mindfulness A.D. 2,000,000,000 - A.D. 4,000,612,718
Part Fourteen: The Maiden A.D. 4,000,732,736 - A.D. 4,155,235,050
Part Fifteen: The Eschaton A.D. 4,224,406,715 - The End