Order Intelligence Energy use Kardashev rank Example
Seraphim 1027 Galactic supercluster K-V Horologium Supercluster (5,000 galactic groups)
Cherubim 1024 Galactic cluster K-IV Virgo Cluster (2,000 galaxies)
Thrones 1021 Galaxy K-III Andromeda Galaxy (~1 trillion stars)
Archons 1019 Galactic arm or satellite galaxy K-III Orion Arm, Large Magellanic Cloud (108-1011 stars)
Authorities 1018 Globular star cluster K-III M3 (500,000 stars)
Dominations 1015 Star cluster K-II Praesepe Cluster (M44; 350 stars)
Dominions 100,000,000,000 Star group K-II Hyades Cluster (131 stars)
Hosts 10,000,000,000 Total solar output K-II TX Canes Venatici (Dyson sphere: 3 solar masses)
Principalities 1,000,000,000 Solar system K-II Ain (Dyson cloud: <1 solar mass)
Virtues 500,000,000 Interplanetary K-II Asmodel, Cahetel, Shcachlil, Achaiah (Superjovian volume)
Powers 250,000,000 Gas giant K-I Jupiter, Neptune (Jovian volume)
Potentates 800,000 Terrestrial planet K-I Pellucid, Tellus, Torment (Terrestrial volume)
Archangels 10,000 Planetoid, Earth's Moon K-I Selene (Subterrestrial volume)
Angels (Noösphere) 2,000 Earth's surface K-I Late Exarchel (covers Earth's surface)

Source: Count to Infinity, Appendix A Orders Ranked by Intellect and Energy Use

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