This wiki caters to JCW fans at all levels, from those who have read all of his works, to those who have just started reading their first JCW story, or maybe just in the process of picking which story they want to begin with.

Bearing this in mind, wiki pages should be written with the assumption that not all readers wish to be exposed to all information about a given work until they have read it for themselves.

On the other hand, since we also wish to provide a place where experienced fans can share and discuss all the details and deep implications of JCW's works, we don't want to simply exclude potential spoilers from the wiki.

To achieve this balance, we define the following three levels of spoiler-ishness, each with a corresponding wiki category. All pages about works of fiction should be put in one of these categories. (Spoiler-ishness does not apply to pages on non-fiction works, general information on JCW, wiki administration, ..., so the spoiler categories will not be attached to such pages.)

Wiki users who find a page on a fictional topic that does not have a spoiler-level category, or has the wrong category are encouraged to add or correct such categories, or contact the wiki administrator.

  • Free space Spoiler-free. Free space pages will contain no information that is not publicly available about a work to someone who has not yet read it. For example, the book's dust jacket blurb, description, or a very high-level review.
  • Gravity well No intentional spoilers, but may contain information that implies the resolution of some plot element. For example, a detailed (but explicit spoiler-free) review, or including a character in a list of characters for a later work in a series when that character appears to die in an earlier work.
  • Schwarzschild radius Contains explicit spoilers. Read only if you have already read the work in question, or you do not mind finding out what happens in the work before you read it.